Akashic Record
The Book of Life

​Be it the technological advancement, entertainment, or a tool to educate ourselves and the next, whether it is the life cycle of nature, the way we live our lives and the new era of computing has revolutionized the ecosystems around us – New friends from all the way across the world are only one click away, businesses become boundless through the internet, the size of databases is growing exponentially each day. Yet, Akashic Records, the ancient database that stores the collective consciousness throughout human history is incomparable, tapping into the infinite wisdom and knowledge is, too, one click away.

Metaphorically, “The Book of Life” to us is like the supercomputer to Google, only with an “Aka” size of a database, which is infinite. This system is constantly processing and recording the physical and mental events of each individual and each collective group, every action, word, feeling, thought, the intention that occurs at any point in time. It is merely just a library of memories, its interactive nature enables us to access these data and thus, it is up to us to make use of it so we can fulfill our untapped potentials and make a difference in all aspects of life.