Michelle Pang

Michelle Pang

Certified National Guild of Hypnotist USA

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist

I am Michelle Pang, a Spiritual Life Coach, and a Certified Hypnotherapist.

As the saying goes, everything happens for a reason, and due to the Covid-19 epidemic. My hypnotherapy clinic has been closed since March 2020. During this period staying indoors, I have come across two books- “Discover your soul’s path in the Akashic Records. through the Akashic records”, and “How to read the Akashic records: assessing the archive of the soul and its journey” both by the author: Linda Howe.  And by chance I found an Akashic Record Reader to learn a lot about the history and information of Akashic records. I also completed an Akashic Records Reader course. After a series of internships, I realized my ability to read life trajectories at a very high level.

It is true that ‘Why is this happening?’, ‘What can I do about this situation?’,  ‘Should I go down this path or the other?’ et cetera are difficult questions, yet the answers lie within us. With the aid of Akashic Records, we can unlock your pandora box together, accessing new insights to your unanswered questions, and setting off for the new voyage of your life.

The origin of Akashic Records (The Book of Life) dates back to the first milestone of modern human history, many ancient cultures (Semites, Arabs, Babylonians, Hebrews, and more) across the world hold dear to such knowledge and ensured that it is passed along the history of time, through various forms of folklores, mythologies and the Old Testaments. Akashic is Sanskrit, which means the ether or the primitive energy of our universe, encasing the celestial records of our entire human history and a key to peek into something beyond the limits of science – the Highest Dimension of Consciousness. All life forms are mapped into this blueprint and played out accordingly with time, if we were to name a biography for this vast universe, this will be it.